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CBI Data Govern

With the tremendous amount of data from diverse sources, it is a challenge for every enterprise to build a secure data foundation that unified all data into a centralized, governed, and visualized view where business values and actionable insights can be achieved.

Enterprise needs to incorporate the key pillars below in building a trusted data foundation that is automatically governed and secure.

1. A secure single source of truth system where enterprise data across big data environment is connected, collected, classified, and governed automatically based on the enterprise’s data governance policy. 

2. Data democratization, empowering every business user in finding the right data they need at their fingertips for insightful decision making.

3.  Creating a unified master data management and data catalog in an efficient manner, driven by automation.

4.  Full compliance with local data privacy regulations such as PDPA.

CBI Data govern

Digital Dialogue’s CBI Data Govern is an intelligent solution and tool to organize, find, and understand data, helping enterprises to quickly discover and use appropriate data they can trust based on rules, policies, and responsibilities in one unified platform.

CBI Data Govern is part of CUBIKA Big Insights (CBI) product portfolio, which is an integration of intelligent data platform and solutions that helps enterprise accelerates their shift to become a data-driven enterprise.  


CBI Data Govern is an integrated platform that enable enterprises to achieve a secure single source of truth through:

Automatically discover, populate, and classify data.  

All the metadata discovered about your data is indexed and connected in a unified data map of your data asset throughout enterprises.  Data catalog can be easily managed and updated through AI-powered platform.

Empowering Collaboration between data producers, data stewards, and data consumers to easily collaborate in a unified platform.

Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market.

Detailed Data Trail  Tracking and visualizing lineage of data across the enterprise data estate, providing the enterprise a comprehensive view on where data is move and how it’s been transformed.  An end-to-end data lineage solution.

data lineage

Democratizing Data with intelligent search function which crawls through data in metadata level. 

The search provides the intelligent recommendations in real time as user’s performing the search.  Search result finds matching business glossary terms, data assets based on keyword relevancy.

Find out how you can be an AI and data-driven enterprise and discover a portal to opportunity.

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