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CBI Data Secure

Guarding data across enterprise, meet privacy regulations, protecting customer’s trust with Digital Dialogue’s comprehensive solutions and platforms for trust-as-a-service.

In the age of data as one of the most valuable assets, it is the main priority of every enterprise to protect, prevent data security breach and maintain customer’s confidence.

Along with the rise in public awareness of data privacy act, the demand for consumer data protection is also one of the challenges that enterprises can leverage and turn it into competitive advantage with the ensuring highest safeguarding of customer data and comply to regulatory compliance.

The complexity of managing big data environment is evolving with the colossal amount of data, where data resides anywhere, on any devices, any platforms, and any applications. Enterprises are facing with the challenge of keeping up with the momentum. 

CBI Data Secure

Digital Dialogue’s CBI Data Secure is an intelligent solution and tool to enhance data security management and make it simple for enterprises to comply to data security, privacy policy, and data governance policy.  Easily create and monitor access rights management, data pseudonymization and data audit trails in one platform.

CBI Data Secure is part of CUBIKA Big Insights (CBI) product portfolio, which is an integration of intelligent data platform and solutions that helps enterprise accelerates their shift to become a data-driven enterprise.  


Dynamic data masking and pseudonymization

Enable enterprises to de-identify and desensitize data for analytics, mission-critical applications and reporting to comply with privacy and regulatory compliance.

In addition to encryption, data masking and pseudonymization secure data in use in every data usage by the organization for customer and operational applications.

Role-based data security

Data is accessed based on the roles of an individual user within an enterprise, enabling users in utilizing data assigned to their role in accomplishing their job.

Dynamic trickling-down security setup

It’s a challenge for enterprises in setting up security policy. CBI Data Secure can help you in setting up the top policy easily while providing flexibility to each business unit in adding their security policy on top of the higher tier-imposed security policy.

Data access control

Keeping up with the audit policy. CBI Data Secure provides you the tool to control who has the access to the appropriate data.


Secure data zone

A business-unit level policy enforcement and access management tool, supporting multi-layer of data security based on enterprise’s organization structure or requirement.



Find out how you can be an AI and data-driven enterprise and discover a portal to opportunity.

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