our management team

our management team

Digital Dialogue

Our core commitment at Digital Dialogue is to innovate and deliver only the best solutions and experiences to our clients.  Digital Dialogue’s leadership team has extensive experiences in their field..and they are “sparked” with passion to help clients harness the power of technology, with the blend of human ingenuity.

Mr. Sutthipong Kurihonsa

Sutthipong Kuruhongsa

Founder and Group CEO

Mr. Sutthipong has more than 20 years of experience in Data & AI and business management, he has strong foundations on advanced analytics and Deep Learning technology.

Mr. Sutthipong has vast experience in leading Data Platform implementation for the top leading firms and organizations in Thai market.

Sutthipong holds Master’s Degree in Digital Transformation: University of Hull, England and Master’s Degree in Software Engineering: University of New South Wales, Australia. He also holds Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Software Engineering: Assumption University, Thailand.

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Jidapa Vattanapakdee

Managing Director

Jidapa oversees the development and management of strategic deals and partnerships with over 10 years of experience in IT business development and market expansion at IBM.

Partnering with AI and Analytics leaders, she enhances digital capabilities to help renowned organizations in Thailand achieve business goals through deep data insights.

Jidapa holds a Master’s Degree in School of Business and Technology: Webster University And Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information System: Assumption University, Thailand.

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Jackree Chuensuwan

Chief Operating Officer

With over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, Jackree has worked across various roles, starting as a hardware engineer and progressing to a system programmer, culminating in his position as Senior Client Technical Architect in the Sale and Distribution Department at IBM Thailand, where he was responsible for sectors including government, education, banking, and healthcare. After departing from IBM, he assumed the role of IT Operations Vice President in a banking and healthcare company.

Leveraging his expertise in hardware, software, and IT operations management, Jackree adeptly applies these skills and new technologies to assist his clients in achieving smooth and seamless IT operations with effective resource utilization, thus enabling them to meet their business imperatives.

Jackree holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineer King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)

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Dr. Supat Turatunmanon

Chief Finance Officer

Supat is a veteran in accounting, finance, and taxation field. He has 40 years of experience in various business sectors such as trading, finance, service, and manufacturing sectors, both domestic and foreign companies.

Supat has also worked for public companies in the position of CFO. He is responsible for the line of work at control & manage all of supporting function, investment, financial management, budgeting and taxation, costing, joint venture and BOI.

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Thansinee Sudkhum

Chief Marketing Officer

Despite her eccentric hair color, Thansinee has been working in the rigorous technology industry, specializing in marketing and communications for over 8 years.

With a wealth of experience, Thansinee excels in creating impactful marketing campaigns and materials that engage targeted audiences and spark conversations. She has worked with well-known multinational companies in the industry.

Thansinee is strategizing, overseeing and executing the 360 marketing and communications initiatives from external and internal communications for Digital Dialogue through a number of mediums from client and opportunity-centric campaigns to social media, employee communications..everywhere that would spark a conversation!

In her free time, Thansinee normally does gaming on her PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, cooking, reading and contemplating her life choices on the hiking trail. Not to mention that she’s an avid cat lover and meme enthusiast!

Thansinee earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from Assumption University (life has its own twists and turns).

Find out how you can be an AI and data-driven enterprise and discover a portal to opportunity.

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