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Elevate Your EDGE: Supercharging your knowledge management with generative AI empowering your employees to achieve more with agility and quality 

Welcome to the age of data where we live in the vast ocean of data and knowledge.

With technology becomes even more accessible, it changes the way people access and interact with data.  The same can be applied to the organization knowledge mine and employees.   Employees want an intelligent knowledge or information retrieval with high accuracy and in a blink of an eye, at the tips of their fingers to do their works efficiently.

Knowledge management always plays a pivotal part in transforming enterprises into a data-driven one.  However, a simple knowledge management might not be sufficient in the age of incessant changes.  Even when business have systems in place for document storage and knowledge management and organization, it doesn’t always translate to employees finding the information they need in the right time.

The introduction of generative AI has taken the world by the storm, and it transforms the way we work.

Data is one of the most important factors in accelerating growth in today’s business. And these chatbots – that can process and orchestrate vast amounts of information to provide answers and advice, use various data modalities, remember prior conversations, and even suggest what to ask next – are shaping the next generation of a data-drive business.

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Generative AI x Enterprise Knowledge Base - Match Made in Heaven

Generative AI will play the pivotal and acceleration point on how enterprise transforms to be a data-driven business and putting the right tool for their employees to mine from the knowledge mine.  There is infinite amount of valuable information that wants to be found and leveraged by employees.  It could be costly in terms of opportunities given that we don’t have the right information at the right time.

The question is how generative AI can help business accomplish such thing.

Imagine ordinary users who sometime can’t think of the right search terms, can’t write the query.  The data is siloed, or the documents are too long-winded and complex, a lot of that information is hard to access or digest.  Those are potential values that generative AI could bring in.

Think of how we can transform a wealth of knowledge within our organizations into actionable items which can accelerate the innovation new products or modernization of process and tools.

using Gen AI in your enterprise

We see more potential in “knowledge management” when pairing with generative AI. It is "Knowledge intelligence" with the aim to provide intelligence for human being’s creativity.

Knowledge intelligence

As our organization expands, so do our sources of data and information.  It’s getting harder to integrate and manage all those data and documents across platforms and make them “searchable” within the organizations where your employees can search and turn them into additional value works.

Tap into Digital Dialogue’s GenWiz Knowledge Intelligence, the solution to help your organizations unlock values by transforming a traditional knowledge management into knowledge gold mine, accelerated by generative AI.

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Intelligent search and content retrieval

embed with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) search capability, GenWiz understands the context and user’s intention behind queries, providing results and answers with high accuracy and relevancy. Our intelligent search capability combs through various enterprise data sources, ensuring that users receive the most accurate information in a swift. Hence, improving employee experiences in finding the information that they need for work and decision making, which ultimately leads to increase in client satisfaction.

Content summarization

digest complicated knowledge such as long reports, articles into a much simpler material to consume. The content summarization helps in expediting the time in transforming the content in an easier form to action upon. For example, making a summary of the complicated procedures that users might take time to read through the entire document, such as simple code generation based on process document in enterprise knowledge base.

Content Health Management

At Digital Dialogue, we believe that your knowledge mine foundation should be built and maintained up on The Foundation’s Strength, Resiliency and Security –

1. Knowledge Organization
2. Secure content access
3. Knowledge Optimization

Enhance and build the culture of collaboration

Human is the most important part of every technology-driven initiative. The intelligent knowledge management will help expediting and easing knowledge gathering, sharing and generating within employee’s community. Innovation begins with ideas sparked from collaboration.

Let’s chat and find out how you can supercharge your internal knowledge system with generative AI that understands human language, user intention and can provide answers with high accuracy and relevancy.

Become the next-gen of data-driven business today!

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